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Clean TeQ Water Signs A$10 Million Contract for Townsville Water Treatment Facility

30 November 2022

Clean TeQ Water advises that it has signed the contract with local civil partner A. Gabrielli Construction (AGC) for delivery of a 15 megalitre a day (MLD) Recycled Water Treatment Facility (RWTF) at Cleveland Bay Purification Plant as a part of a head contract for water treatment and distribution for Townsville City Council (TCC).

Clean TeQ Water Signs A$10 Million Contract for Townsville Water Treatment Facility

Ground improvement works completed at the plant’s location

Clean TeQ Water received an initial order in July 2022 (refer to previous news post here) for the design and sourcing while detailed contract negotiations were ongoing. Parties recently finalized the 80% design milestone. This contract has an unchanged delivery date of the project in Q3 CY2023. 

Under the contract, the head contractor, AGC, is responsible for the integrated design and construction of the Recycled WTF at Cleveland Bay Purification Plant including all civil and infrastructure works. Clean TeQ Water will be responsible for the design and construction of the specified water treatment process and equipment to produce the Class A water for industrial process reuse and irrigation.

The project helps reduce the demand for potable water for industry and irrigation as part of TCC’s integrated water strategy. The value of this work to CNQ is around A$10 million and includes a provision to increase capacity of the plant to 20 MLD and to upgrade the treatment technology to reach a higher quality of water for reuse. Reusing the treated effluent that currently discharges into Cleveland Bay using advanced treatment technology provides benefits to the Great Barrier Reef and sensitive ecosystems in the area.

Clean TeQ Water is delighted to sign this contract and to continue our work with AGC to deliver this advanced water treatment and recycling plant, a central pillar for the future water security of the region. We hope other regions will follow the Townsville example to treat and recycle municipal effluent instead of disposing to the environment. We are confident that our strong technology proposition will make us an attractive partner for such future projects

Willem VriesendorpChief Executive Officer