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Clean TeQ Water Shortlisted for a GWI Global Water Award

8 April 2021

Clean TeQ Water Shortlisted for a GWI Global Water Award

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce it has been shortlisted for Global Water Intelligence’s Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year Award.

“Clean TeQ Water had a strong 2020, which saw the delivery of projects with its innovative RO-alternative DEASALX® continuous ion exchange technology in Australia and Oman.”

“As miners face increasingly strict water discharge regulations, Clean TeQ Water’s solution offers an alternative to reverse osmosis, alleviating the industry’s growing challenge of managing brine. The firm’s continuous ion exchange plant at the Fosterville Gold Mine in Australia selectively removes contaminants without creating a saline brine, making it a key enabling component of the customer’s water management strategy.”

“By removing suspended solids and scale-forming ions the DESALX® technology can turbocharge the performance of RO, reducing system cost, increasing the life of the membranes and crucially, boosting total system recovery, an increasingly key consideration for clients operating in water-stressed areas.”

“The global war on nitrate pollution has driven the firm to expertly pair its ion exchange technology with its Bioclens encapsulated bacteria to provide a game-changing solution for municipal wastewater treatment. A successful 100m3/d pilot in Tianjin, China, saw nitrate concentration reduced from 15 mg/L down to 0 mg/L, perfectly positioning Clean TeQ to take advantage of the huge Chinese nitrate removal market, and interest in its application on drinking water from the US is already high.”

Voting is open to subscribers of Global Water Intelligence or the Water Desalination Report and closes on 23 April 2021. Results will be announced on 17 May 2021 as part of a virtual event.