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Clean TeQ Awarded Contract to Pilot DESALX® Technology in Belgium

27 December 2023



  • CNQ has signed a AUD$313,129 contract with Nyrstar Belgium to pilot the removal of sulphate and selenium from wastewater using DESALX® technology. This pilot follows successful laboratory testwork of the DESALX® technology on-site.
  • The pilot project at the Balen smelter in Belgium is expected to be completed by the end of Q2 2024 and, with a successful outcome, be ready for full scale deployment at the Balen

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract, to the value of AUD$313,129, to pilot DESALX® technology for Nyrstar in Belgium.

Clean TeQ Awarded Contract to Pilot DESALX® Technology in Belgium

Clean TeQ has been engaged by Nyrstar to pilot DESALX® technology for the removal of sulphate and selenium from their wastewater. Nyrstar is an international producer of zinc, lead and other metals and their Balen smelter in Belgium is one of the world’s largest smelters in terms of production volume.

This three-month piloting contract award follows on from Clean TeQ’s successfully completed laboratory testwork at the Balen site in September 2023. The contract is valued at $313,129 and involves the treatment of 300 litres per hour of wastewater on-site at the Balen smelter with an automated DESALX® pilot unit. Under the contract Clean TeQ will rent the automated DESALX® pilot to Nyrstar for a minimum period of three months and provide on-site support for the first 4 weeks of operation with remote support thereafter.

A successful demonstration of the DESALX® technology at pilot scale is expected to lead to a full scale implementation of the technology treating over 3,000,000 litres of wastewater per hour. Piloting is expected to be completed by the end of Q2 of 2024.

With the European Union’s water discharge regulations tightening, Clean TeQ Water is well-positioned to assist companies in this region meeting their regulated limits and to maximise their water recovery and recycling. The award of this contract with Nrystar, a major metals producer in Europe, is a great outcome for the Company and paves the way for Clean TeQ to expand further in this region. Our DESALX® technology offers a operationally robust approach to sulphate removal and we are delighted to be supporting Nyrstar in achieving their environmental and sustainability goals."

Peter VoigtCEO, Clean TeQ Water


DESALX® is a two-stage continuous ionic filtration (CIF®) system suitable for sulphates removal, as well as lowering the overall total dissolved solids (TDS) of the water. While the chemistry of ion exchange employed in the process is not new, the counter-current continuous operation of the Clean TeQ process gives it the unique ability to handle solids, both in the feed and process solutions. The advantages of DESALX® include the use of lower-cost chemicals (i.e., sulphuric acid and lime), high water recovery and the production of a gypsum by-product as the waste from the treatment process.