About Us

Clean TeQ Water is a 100% subsidiary of Clean TeQ Holdings Ltd, an ASX-listed company (ASX:CLQ), recognized as one of Australia’s most innovative technology companies in the cleantech and materials processing space.

Clean TeQ Water is providing innovative water treatment solutions for governments and companies. Our technology solutions include desalination, nutrient removal, zero liquid discharge and hardness removal. The sectors of focus include municipal wastewater, surface water, industrial wastewater and mining process water. Clean TeQ Water has offices and laboratories in Melbourne, Perth, Beijing and Tianjin, and partner offices in Africa and Latin America.

Our Goal

The world is facing several challenges surrounding water. Nearly half the global population are already living in potential water scarce areas at least one month per year, while less than 5% of water is re-used. Meanwhile, water pollution caused by industrial and agricultural effluent is causing substantial damage to the health and livelihood of people.

Clean TeQ believes most of these challenges can be resolved by suitable technologies. The world has more than enough water, but that water is often in the wrong location and of the wrong composition with current treatment technologies too expensive, or unreliable to resolve the shortages. Clean TeQ’s portfolio of solutions are specifically developed to resolve some of the today’s most pressing issues by increasing the rate of recycling from waste water treatment plants in dry areas, treatment of highly polluting brine streams, and reduction of nutrient loads in effluent to prevent algae blooms and subsequent ecological dead zones.

Our Philosophy

Customer Centred

Any solution we provide starts with the needs of our customers. We provide solutions that best meet the customer’s demands and cost limitations based on our deep understanding of, and over 25 years of experience in the water treatment market. We ensure that our solutions are robust and reliable under the often variable water quality.

We have a team of 30 dedicated engineers with a selective approach to projects. This allows us to provide premium service to all of our customers and ensure we are always available to support the customer when problems arise before and after the hand-over. We believe the only real foundation for successful and sustainable growth are successful projects and satisfied customers.

Tailored Solutions

In the water treatment sector, no two projects are the same. All water influent quality is different, regulatory standards are local, and climate conditions vary. This means water projects often require customisation to ensure robust results are achieved at acceptable cost. This is certainly the case with hard to treat industrial wastewater, mine processing water, and often even for water re-use projects with strict regulations for brine and sludge disposal.

Our broad portfolio of innovative in-house solutions allows us to go beyond the cookie-cutter approach often put forward by the large engineering houses, even when the project requires a customised design. Conversely, when traditional solutions are most reliable and cost effective, we don’t hesitate to advise the customer as such, and we never put forward complex or technologically risky solutions when simpler solutions suffice.

To provide the optimal technical solution we also work closely with external parties and incorporate external technologies where this benefits the customer.

Technology Driven

We do believe technology is one of the major building blocks for improving global water quality and freshwater availability, supporting global economic growth and mitigating the negative influences caused by climate change.

Our solutions often incorporate novel flow sheets containing individual technologies that have been proven extensively in the field. Our continuous ion exchange technology with automated resin transfer and regeneration has been used in large scale plants around the world for many decades. We see innovation not as goal in itself, but as a tool used selectively to improve the reliability and efficiency of water treatment methods.

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