BIOCLENS™ Encapsulated Bacteria Lens Technology

23 October, 2018

Clean TeQ expanded its water technology platform with the acquisition of an encapsulated bacteria technology from LentiKats, comprising technology licences and a production plant for the manufacture of encapsulated bacteria BIOCLENS™.

The LentiKats technology is focused on encapsulated bacteria, which is useful in water treatment applications given the bacteria’s ability to break down and remove over 90% of harmful nitrates and ammonia from waste water. Through the application of the LentiKats technology, the bacterial organisms are coated in a PVA-gel, providing protection against other chemicals in the water stream which would otherwise harm the bacteria.

BIOCLENS™ lenses are an important and high potential reagent used in Clean TeQ’s existing proprietary water purification processes. The acquisition of the LentiKats technology will enable Clean TeQ to produce BIOCLENS™ lenses in-house, removing the reliance on using a third-party supplier and improving reliability, quality control and reducing cost. Internal production will also deliver improved efficiency by further customizing the product for different uses.

Clean TeQ is setting up a production facility for BIOCLENS™ lenses in China for applications in its growing pipeline of global projects.