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NematiQ will be represented at Global Water Summit

8 April 2022

technology idol event

Global Water Summit Update

NematiQ will be represented at this year’s GWS Technology Idol event to be held on 17th May, during Madrid, Spain Summit.

During the event, a panel of four judges will interview each participant after they have given a short, 8 to 10-minute presentation of their technology. After all of the participants have presented, the judges and a panel of six jurists will select the winner, who will be announced later that evening at the Global Water Awards dinner.

NematiQ’s Graphene Membranes are specifically designed to remove bacteria, viruses, and dissolved organic compounds without removing any of the salts while using minimal energy cost.

To learn more about the applications visit: 👉 NematiQ

Don’t forget to catch up with Peter Voigt at the Summit in Madrid.

For more information on the Global Water Summit, visit: 👉 here.