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Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company in Ireland to Commence On-Site Piloting of PHOSPHIX® Technology

12 March 2024

Clean TeQ Water, together with its partner ENVA, have been engaged by a multi-national pharmaceutical company to conduct an on-site piloting programme to demonstrate the PHOSPHIX® technology for the removal and recovery of phosphate from pharmaceutical wastewater. ENVA is a leading UK and Ireland based waste services and resource recovery company promoting Clean TeQ Water’s water treatment solutions in Ireland and the UK under a cooperation agreement.

Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company to Commence On-Site PHOSPHIX® Piloting

Following a successful laboratory testwork campaign, which was completed in early February 2024, the project is now entering an on-site piloting program. The laboratory testwork showed consistent removal of phosphate to below 1 mg/L to meet the nominated limit. The next phase of testing includes the on-site piloting of the PHOSPHIX® technology in Ireland, and a supplementary testwork campaign to be conducted at Clean TeQ Water’s facilities in Melbourne.

The piloting programme is expected to be completed by the end of July 2024. The successful piloting of the PHOSPHIX® technology is expected to lead to full-scale implementation of the technology to treat 2,000,000 litres per day of wastewater.

This project is driven by tightening phosphate discharge regulations in the European Union. PHOSPHIX® allows industrial producers to consistently meet the regulated limits, while producing a phosphate-rich by-product that can be re-used as a fertiliser.

The PHOSPHIX® piloting program with a multi-national pharmaceutical company is a significant step forward for the ENVA/Clean TeQ Water partnership and paves a clear path towards commercial-scale execution of this technology in the European Union, where discharge regulations for species like phosphate in particular continue to become more stringent.”

Kieran StauntonEnva New Business Development Director

We are delighted to partner with ENVA to support future growth in Europe. This engagement allows us to solve a significant problem for the pharmaceutical industry and demonstrate the benefits of our PHOSPHIX® technology for a large multi-national customer prior to implementation at full scale.”

Peter VoigtChief Executive Officer, Clean TeQ Water