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Clean TeQ Water Project Updates

6 September 2021

DRC CLX Impurity Removal Plant

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce the successful handover and customer acceptance of the 20,000 tonnes/day CLEAN-IX® metal impurity removal plant located at ERG’s facility in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Clean TeQ Water was engaged by Multotec, Clean TeQ Water’s partner for sales and project delivery in Africa, under a design, procure and construct (EPC) contract, to deliver a metal liquor purification system at ERG Africa’s Metalkol operation in the DRC. The CLX® plant, utilising the Company’s proprietary continuous ion exchange technology, removes the impurity from the liquor at the ERG facility thereby supporting the final cobalt product quality. Over the past few months cold and hot commissioning milestones have been successfully achieved by a Clean TeQ team supporting the customer and end-user in the DRC.

At present, the quality of the feed liquor entering the ion exchange circuit is outside the design specification, primarily due to the performance of existing upstream solids-liquid separation steps. This feed deviation is impacting the efficiency of uranium removal, although the ion exchange circuit is still able to operate at reduced capacity. In the meantime, other purification options have been implemented by the client to ensure cobalt production is not impacted. While any original equipment warranties only apply when feedwater conditions are meeting design specifications, Clean TeQ Water continues to support Multotec and Metalkol in addressing these upstream feed quality issue so that the Metalkol operation can fully realise the benefits of uranium removal from the ion exchange plant.

Efficient Metal recovery at Clean Teq Water

Other Project Updates

Townsville HIROX Waste-Water Recycling Plant

The Townsville recycling project for which Clean TeQ Water has been selected to provide an integrated water recycling plant is awaiting final approval. Clean TeQ Water has ordered long lead items and is awaiting confirmation from the council about the design specifications. The council is working on agreements with the future consumers of the recycled water to finalize these specifications.

Clean TeQ Water Project Updates

Ordos BIONEX Nitrate Removal

The manufacture of equipment and BIOLENS for the 12,000 tons/day nitrate removal project in inner Mongolia China in well underway with the largest items of equipment being prepared for shipping to site. The objective to commission the plant by the end of 2021 remains the target

Clean TeQ Water Project Updates

Koumala Drinking Water

Site construction has started for the Ion Exchange drinking water plant at Koumala in Queensland. The contract value has increased due to an increase in the scope of supply. The project is experiencing some delays due to the scope change, COVID related travel restrictions, and increased lead times for certain components due to global equipment shortages. Planned commissioning remains the end of 2021.

Clean TeQ Water Project Updates

Oman DESALX Upgrade

The manufacture of most components for the project has been finalized and shipping to site has commenced. This project is experiencing delays of 1-2 months due to the COVID related bottlenecks in the global supply chain.

desalx membrane and filteration


The detailed design for the recently announced HIROX contract for the treatment of bore water in the Middle East has commenced and major long-lead equipment items in the process of being ordered.

Victoria DESALX Fosterville Gold mine project

The project was handed over to the customer in August 2020 and has been operating to their satisfaction for the past year and has now contractually reached final completion. The final instalment payment linked to the process warranty will now be released. The maintenance and support contract between the customer and Clean TeQ Water continues.

Clean TeQ Water Project Updates