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Clean TeQ CEO Peter Voigt Talks to Proactive North America About Recent Lithium Deal

14 September 2023

Clean TeQ Water Limited CEO Peter Voigt joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss an exciting agreement between Go2Lithium and LithiumBank Resources. Under this agreement, Clean TeQ’s JV company, Go2Lithium (G2L), will license its continuous direct lithium extraction (cDLE) technology to support LithiumBank’s development of lithium brine assets in North America. This licensing arrangement offers Clean TeQ Water Limited exposure to some of North America’s largest brine assets, including the Boardwalk Project and the Park Place Project.

To expedite piloting on LithiumBank’s brines, Clean TeQ is planning to transport its cDLE pilot plant to Canada in the coming months. This agreement marks the first of potentially several transactions for Go2Lithium with developers of lithium brine assets. Clean TeQ Water Limited’s involvement in this collaboration highlights the company’s commitment to innovative and sustainable lithium extraction methods. The partnership with G2L and LithiumBank Resources underscores the importance of advancing lithium production to meet the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries and support the transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions.

View the video of the interview below and the original story on Proactive here.

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