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November 20, 2023

CNQ Presenting at Bell Potter Environmental Conference


Innovative Water Treatment Technologies

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CNQ Presenting at Bell Potter Environmental ConferenceNewsPresentations-Webinars
November 20, 2023

CNQ Presenting at Bell Potter Environmental Conference

Clean TeQ Water's CEO, Peter Voigt, delivered a company presentation at the annual general meeting held on 1 November 2023.
Future Element JV Established to Accelerate Expansion into Global Mine Tailings ManagementNews
November 14, 2023

Future Element JV Established to Accelerate Expansion into Global Mine Tailings Management

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce it has established a 50/50 Joint Venture, Future Element Operations Pty Ltd with mine tailings management company Future Element Pty Ltd.
Video: Go2Lithium Demonstration Plant Prepared for Shipping to CanadaNews
November 10, 2023

Video: Go2Lithium Demonstration Plant Prepared for Shipping to Canada

We are excited to have completed the factory commissioning of our cDLE® demonstration plant through our Joint Venture, Go2Lithium.


Ion Exchange Resin

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Our Expertise

Industrial Brine Treatment

Industrial water users can consume large amounts of water and create large volumes of difficult to treat wastewater during manufacturing and processing. Clean TeQ Water provides innovative water treatment solutions for treating industrial process and wastewaters.

Ground Water / Well Water Treatment

Groundwater (well water) quality varies greatly by location, in some cases being suitable as drinking water, and others being highly polluted. Clean TeQ Water has experience helping clients reach a range of water treatment goals as we can design a cost effective treatment solution based your feed water and product water specification to ensure your requirements are met.

Mine Wastewater and Metal Recovery

The mining industry uses a significant amount of water for transporting and processing ores, which is commonly sourced from rivers, lakes, bores, or pipelines. We provide tailored turn-key water treatment and metal recovery plants all over the world.

Aqua Culture

The Aquaculture industry can create water which is high in nutrients such as ammonia, nitrate and phosphate. Elevated levels of these species can also lead to algal blooms which cause severe harm to the aquatic environment. Our technologies typically have lower energy requirements, are environmentally friendly as they mimic natural process.

Municipal Effluent Reuse

Now more than ever, councils, municipalities and businesses are looking to recycled/reclaimed water to improve their water security. Clean TeQ Water provides tertiary treatment plants which provide customers cost effective reuse of secondary treated wastewater effluent.

Power Plant Water Treatment

Power generation is one of the largest industrial water users, with the majority of water used for cooling purposes on site. We have a range of technologies based on continuous ion exchange, membranes, encapsulated bacteria, and low temperature evaporation. Our flowsheets are designed to be robust, easy to operate, and highly resistant to scaling.

Clean TeQ Water

Tailored solutions for water treatment

Our water treatment solutions provide high water recovery, low waste production, resistance to scaling and fouling, and easy operation and maintenance.

Clean TeQ Water

Groundbreaking Water Filtration Technology

Our graphene oxide membranes are the engine of affordable water filtration systems.

Clean TeQ Water

Metal extraction for any flowsheet

Our metal recovery technologies provide optimal utilization of ion exchange resin, are highly robust, and produce highly pure concentrated eluates.

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