Schematic drawing of a HiROx water treatment unit

– Simple, High Recovery Water Treatment

HiROx® is a new ultra high recovery water treatment process which combines Clean TeQ’s Continuous Ion Exchange (CIF®) technology with Reverse Osmosis (RO). The result is a low cost and rpbust process which is capable of treating a wide range of feed waters.

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Process Description

HiROx uses CIF ion exchange to remove di- and tri-valent cations such as calcium, magnesium and heavy metals from waste waters. These ions are primarily responsible for the precipitation (scaling) that orccurs on the RO membranes when operating at high recoveries.

With this scaling potential removed, the RO process can be operated more efficiently with higher recovery, resulting in lower brine volumes.

The RO concentrate (or brine) has a higher concentration of salt and is therefor able to be used to regenerate the CIF resin, making the regeneration over the CIF system virtually a chemical-free process.

HiROx Performance

HiROx can treat a wide range of feed waters, by removing both suspended particles (TSS), – like a sand filter, and dissolved contaminants (TDS) via ion exchange and RO. The treated water quality is very high, and water recovery is consistently greater than 95%.

Operational costs are extremely low with power consumption typically below 1kWh. This is especially remarkable considering the high water recovery achieved.

  • HiROx recovery is far higher compared to conventional Reverse Osmosis systems.
  • HiROx treated water quality is maintained.
  • HiROx has much lower power consumption than other ultra high recovery systems.

Key Advantages of HiROx

  • Ultra High Water Recovery
    • Produce more treated water
    • Minimise brine production
  • Low Cost Operation
    • Reduce power/ reagent consumption costs
    • Reduce brine handling costs
  • Retrofittability
    • Convert existing RO systems into HiROx® by adding CIF® to increase recovery
  • Process Robustness
    • Treat a wide range of feed waters
    • Reduce CIP frequency and maintenance issues

For more information on HiROx, or if you have any questions, the Clean TeQ Water team is happy to assist. Please send us an email to info@cleanteqwater.com or fill out the Contact Form.