Hardness Removal from RO Brine in China

Clean TeQ Water provided the engineering, procurement and construction of a 2m3/h CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration) mobile treatment plant, which removes hardness from Reverse Osmosis (RO) brine. The pilot plant was finished in 2019 and put into operation.

jiutai 2
Photo of the completed plant

The plant will be used at a coal to chemical plant in Inner Mongolia, China. It will remove hardness from brine from 1st stage RO so that it can be treated by 2nd stage RO, reducing brine volume and improving water recycling recycling efficiency. CIF® was chosen as the solution as direct softening can only reduce hardness a limited amount at a high chemical cost, and fixed bed ion exchanged required more expensive chemicals.

Water Specifications

Feed (RO Brine)CIF® Treated Brine
Ca (mg/L)485<10
Mg (mg/L)373<10
Na (mg/L)8,0578,728
Cl (mg/L)5,7215,721
COD (mg/L)666666
NH3 (mg/L)373373


LocationInner Mongolia, China
ApplicationHardness Removal from RO Brine
IndustryCoal to Chemicals
Clean TeQ’s RoleEngineering, Procurement, Construction
Project StatusCompleted
Start Up2019