Coal Seam Gas Produced Water

A mobile CIF® plant was placed in Queensland, Australia to treat coal seam gas produced water into agricultural grade product water for livestock and crops. The feed water’s total dissolved solids (TDS) was 4,500mg/L and the plant produced 1,650mg/L TDS water, with over 90% water recovery. The capacity of the plant was 20m3/h.

mobile plant qld 1

The brine products from the plant were neutralised and disposed of. Clean TeQ undertook on site trials in conjunction with CSIRO to investigate the purification of brine to produce sale-able by-products for agriculture and other industries.


LocationQLD, Australia
TechnologyCIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration)
TreatmentHardness Removal, Coal Seam Gas Associated Water Treatment into Agricultural Water
IndustryMining, Groundwater, Agriculture
Clean TeQ’s RoleEngineering, Procurement, Construction
Project StatusCompleted
Start Up2012