Bore Water Treatment – VIC, Australia

Clean TeQ operated a CIF® plant, treating 0.6MLD of bore water containing approximately 8,000ppm TDS, 100ppm Ca and 400ppm Mg, 1,000ppm bicarbonate. The CIF® plant removed calcium, barium, strontium and bicarbonate prior to the Multi-Media Filter(MMF) / Reverse Osmosis(RO). The use of CIF® as a pretreatment for reverse osmosis increased the system water recovery and reliability of the MMF/RO, and reduced the size of the brine disposal facility.

bore water victroia
Photo of the completed plant


LocationVIC, Australia
TechnologyHIROX® (High Recovery Reverse Osmosis)
ApplicationHardness Removal of Groundwater
Clean TeQ’s RoleEngineering, Procurement, Construction
Project StatusCompleted
Start Up2010