Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial companies can consume large amounts of water and create large volumes of difficult to treat wastewater. Major industrial water users include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Bulk, fine, or coal to chemical plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metal refining
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Automotive/aircraft production
  • Other manufacturing industries

Water used in these industries can have a wide range of treatment requirements for use, reuse, and safe discharge to the environment. Environmental discharge limits are becoming every stricter, and in some cases zero liquid discharge solutions are required for the site.

Selective Contaminant Removal Using CIF®

Clean TeQ Water’s innovative CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration) combines physical filtration with ion exchange in a continuous and concurrent process, removing targeted species to very low levels in a single step with low capital and operating cost.

Species that can be targeted for removal using CIF® include:

  • Hardness
  • Metal ions
  • Nutrients such as nitrate
  • Species typically removed using ion exchange
CIF Diagram 1024x1010 1
Typical CIF® Layout

Desalination/Sulphate Removal Using DESALX

DESALX® consists of two CIF® (continuous ionic filtration) modules in series, first removing multivalent cations such as calcium and magnesium, followed by multivalent anions such as sulphate. DESALX® produces a gypsum based brine and is ZLD capable.

desalx eng
Typical DESALX® Layout

TDS Reduction Using HIROX®

Our HIROX® (high recovery reverse osmosis) technology is well suited for treating industrial wastewater, especially when water is high in hardness and TDS.

HIROX® consists of an integration of CIF® and RO, where CIF® removes scale forming ions to allow higher RO and overall system recovery (typically >95%). The RO brine is used to regenerate the ion exchange resins in CIF®, allowing for low OPEX, chemical free pretreatment.

Typical HIROX® Layout

Evaporation/Crystallisation and Brine Management using EVAPX™

EVAPX™ is well suited for treating high TDS brine/wastewater, providing over 99% water recycling and returning crystallised salts that can sometimes be re-used. EVAPX™ is a true ZLD solution with excellent resistance to scaling. It uses low temperature evaporation with dry air to evaporate the waste stream, avoiding issues with volatile elements and providing a lower energy solution, particularly if waste heat is available.

nex process

Nutrient Removal Using BIOCLENS™ / BIONEX™

Our BIOCLENS™ and BIONEX™ technologies can reduce ammonia and nitrate concentrations over a wide range of concentrations. The encapsulation of bacteria protects it in high ammonia/nitrate or saline environments, and the higher bacteria biomass allows concentrations as low as <1 ppm to be reliably achieved.

BIOCLENS™ – Encapsulated Bacteria Lens

BIONEX™ is a combination of ion exchange and our BIOCLENS™ technology, which is suitable for targeted nitrate removal with a low capital and operating cost. Ion exchange reliably removes nitrate to <1 ppm levels, which is then treated using BIOCLENS™, allowing brine reuse.

Typical BIONEX™ Layout

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